Root Problem

Tue., Mar. 22/22 There’s nothing worse than being pessimistic about your own pessimism. As someone once said, “There’s no sense in being pessimistic. It wouldn’t work anyway.” Yet, millions persist with it. They take a negative-first view of the world. If someone is nice to a pessimist such a one’s first response is suspicion. “What’sContinue reading “Root Problem”

Confronting Covid Phobia

Thur., Mar. 17/22 For the past two years now many believers have experienced seasons of or ongoing lockdown due to Covid-19 and its variants. During this time online church services became the order of the day. We settled in — “normalized” – and some became trapped – trapped in the debilitating anxieties of agoraphobia! TheContinue reading “Confronting Covid Phobia”

Prayer and Deep Knee Bends

Tue., Mar. 15/22 Monday morning and I am feeling particularly stressed again. Unable to sleep I rise, feed the cat, and begin my morning exercises. Do familiar things, the experts say, things you find calming… normal. As a Christian, I pray as I work through the movements. I ask God for that ”peace which passesContinue reading “Prayer and Deep Knee Bends”