Thick and Dreadful Darkness!

Thur., Jan. 27/22 Occasionally, when I am under great stress, overtired, or exposed to a sudden flash of light, I experience what is called an “opthalmic” or “ocular” migraine. Caused by blood vessel spasms in the retina, these episodes create a strange visual experience where one sees in fragmented, jumbled or partly missing pieces ofContinue reading “Thick and Dreadful Darkness!”

Doing Due Diligence

Mon., Jan. 24/22 “Keep your heart with all diligence,” urges Solomon (Prov. 4:23). Watch over it… guard it… exercise watchful vigilance… guard what you think… your affections… “because out of it are the issues…” the outflowings… the shaping… “of your life.” Thought -> Act -> Habit -> Destiny, someone once summarized. The musings of yourContinue reading “Doing Due Diligence”

What to do when you can’t reach your itch!

Tues., Jan. 18/22 It burns, it tingles, it gets all crawly… sweaty. Your skin screams to be set free, to breathe again! But the calendar on the wall says “not yet,” two more weeks before the cast can be cast. It’s an unbearable thing to have an unreachable itch! That spot dead center on yourContinue reading “What to do when you can’t reach your itch!”